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Beautifully Braised Short Ribs

You know the old saying about March winds that bring April showers that bring forth May flowers.
We’re running about a month ahead here: February was windy as all get-out and it’s now March and it’s raining like crazy! April should be flower-filled and gorgeous!
With spring coming so early, it occurred to me recently that I never had a chance to make one of my all-time favorite winter dishes–braised beef short ribs. Before it got too warm, I had to rectify that!
Beef short ribs can appear intimidating at first with their boney, hunky appearance. Don’t let that scare you!
One of my favorite cooking methods in all the world is a slow braise because, with a little time, it is truly magical how a tough cut of meat transforms into something buttery and fall-off-the-bone tender. When this magical cooking method is paired with a robust cuisine such as Korean, the combination is truly extraordinary.
Korean cuisine has grown in popularity in recent years and will likely remain so with the 2018 Winter Olympics taking place in South Korea. The cuisine always seemed mysterious and intimidating to me until I was intrigued enough to try one of Korea’s staple side dishes—kimchi. I was hooked–so hooked I now make my own kimchi! (See recipe.)
This recipe is scaled for two people. I like to use four ribs for two servings because as the connective tissue melts away, they shrink quite a bit. It’s not often I use a slow-cooker for just the two of us, but because of their size, four long-cut bone-in beef short ribs fill a large oval slow-cooker nicely. If four ribs end up being too much, they reheat beautifully.

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