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Bailey’s Irish Coffee Cream Fudge

added by Heather M. Baker
Very smooth and silky fudge. I like to make this recipe and my other Bailey’s Irish Cream fudge and give as gifts because they are both wonderful flavors. All my friends love love love this fudge!
-I’m planning my Christmas candy menu for this year and would LOVE to try this recipe. My only concern is whether to use 1/2 or 3/4 cup of evaporated milk as the ingredient is listed in the recipe. Can I use the 1/2 cup and thin the batch if it comes out too thick or does someone have more success using one amount more than the other? I think my son would really enjoy this fudge, but to m before being successful. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.
-Heather I have made this recipe before and shared it . It is one of the BEST fudge recipes I have ever made. I have also made on more than one occasion your Bailey’s Irish Cream Recipe. I have also shared that recipe . I would rate both recipes 5 star for sure.
You say you have other Bailey’s Irish cream recipes. Looking forward to trying them as well.
Well done Heather!
-Heather I made this fudge recipe today and I have to say I would rate this as a ten star. It is sooo delicious. I will definitely make this one and your other Irish Cream fudge that by the way when I took it in to my doctor’s office everyone thoroughly loved it. It was a real winner. Thanks again for sharing this recipe. Pinched
-This recipe is really a dream. I had two pans of fudge (I dont have a 10X15 pan) so I gave one pan 13X9 ” pan of fudge to the staff at my doctor’s office long with the recipe. I kept the other smaller pan for my husband and myself. I’m really sorry some people had trouble maybe they didn’t follow the directions to a tee. I had no problem with this recipe mine turned out perfect.
Thanks so much for posting this recipe. I just love fudge and look forward to make your other fudge recipe as well. I will definiately be making this recipe again and again.
Have a good weekend. now if some of the people didn’t get it to work IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT OR YOU RECIPES FAULT.

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