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Air Conditioner Chevron Cover

** Edit: This is why I love the DIY community! Not everything works out, and we share and grow together. some of you have mentioned that there is not enough breathability for the AC. This is so helpful and thank you. I have since removed one of the walls of the AC unit (meaning their are only 2 walls now) and moved it away from the unit itself by 1 foot. I will be working on making the top removable as well so we can remove it during the hottest months of the year when we use the AC constantly. Thank you all again for your feedback and for following our DIY adventures

I will be leaving up the post so that other folks can learn from my mistakes. I will add the new finished pictures to the end of the post**

When we moved in a little over a year ago our back (and front) yard was completely hardscaped. We are working hard to add life and beauty into our outside space, but that would never be possible if our AC unit was exposed. Here’s how we solved that problem:

air conditioner chevron cover


**New after

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