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9 Beyond Easy Bathroom Cleaning Hacks To Destroy Disgusting Stains

Extra quick tip: You can improvise the recipe by adding some essential oil or dish liquid into the mixture.

Clean your toilet with a can of coke

How to make a coke bring health benefit to your life? Use it as a toilet cleaner.

It might sound weird, but the good idea has been proven.

Pour a can of Coke into your toilet bowl, give the acid a little time to work (approximately 30 minutes), scrub it, and flush.

If the rust ring in your toilet bowl is not too bad, you should see some fantastic result.

So, instead of putting this high-calorie drink on your menu, let the coke bring some hygiene benefit for you.

Use pumice stone as a powerful stain remover

If cleaning tip number#1 and #2 above can’t bring any good for your toilet bowl, it might be the time to use a pumice stone.

CAUTION: You need to make sure that your toilet bowl is wet or you can damage the porcelain.

How to do it: Soak up the pumice stone for a few minutes, use it to scrub the rust rings, and rinse clean. Repeat if needed.

P.S. Store the pumice stone safely from kids AND from porcelain. The pumice stone can easily damage porcelain.

Clean the bathtub with apple cider vinegar

Spray your stained bathtub with DIY bathtub cleaner which contains apple cider vinegar, dish soap, and your favorite essential oil. Let the magical mixture do the job for an hour or two and then come back with a sponge and wipe them off.

Extra quick tip: Use a high-quality sponge i.e. Scotch-Brite instead of any regular ones.

Destroy black mold on caulk using bleach

How to Get Rid of Mold in Caulking - Remove Mold in Bathroom bathtub shower caulk | cleaning tip trick hacks for moldly caulking in bathroom

Mold is annoying. Scrubbing mold from caulk is SUPER annoying. So how do you get rid of those disgusting thing with little effort?

Wear your gloves, add a little amount of bleach into a big bowl of water, and mix them well. Make sure the bleach does smell like bleach and it’s not “expired”.

Dip cotton balls to the mixture and apply the wet cotton balls to all of the mold areas on the caulk. Let it sit for 4 hours and come back to remove all of the cotton balls..

IMPORTANT TIP!! Before doing the job, open the window and let the clean air enter the bathroom because bleach is a harsh chemical (and it smells bad!)

Clean the sink using a denture cleaning tablet

A super quick tip for getting rid of the gunk around the bathroom sink drains - Ask Anna

via Ask Anna

There can be nasty gunk that easily built up around the sink drain. Luckily, there is one easy trick to tackle the problem quickly.

Close the drain and fill the sink with a cup or 2 of hot water (not warm). Make sure the water covers the nasty area.

Grab a denture cleaning tablet, open the cover, and drop it in the hot water in the sink. Come back after 15 minutes or after the denture water becomes clear. Drain the sink, rinse it with cold water, and wipe it clean using a microfiber cloth.


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Clean the shower head with vinegar

Make sure the vinegar is pure (do not mix with water) and make sure the vinegar make a direct contact with the shower head.

Leave it for an hour, wipe them off, and rinse with clear water.

How to clean hard water stain in the jetted tub

How to Remove Hard Water Stains

image and trick found from One Good Thing

Hard water stain is annoying, isn’t it? It’s just too hard to tackle using a soft cloth.

Fortunately, there is a trick for it.

Fill the tub so the hot water covers 1-2 inches above the jet. Add a cup of bleach + half a cup of dishwasher detergent to the hot water. Run the jet for several minutes and let it soak for an hour. Come back to rinse the jet with cold water and drain.

Woah! That’s a super easy trick!

Clean the grout with baking soda and bleach

via Practically Functional

Craft a paste of baking soda and bleach in a bowl. Using gloves, apply the paste to the grout and let it sit for half an hour. Come back with a scrub brush and scrub them all.

Wait for 15 minutes and rinse them off. Let it dry before judging the result because wet grout usually seems darker.

Happy cleaning 😊