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60 Minute Rolls

This can be made into bread or rolls, and is really only 60 minutes from the time you start mixing to the time they come out of the oven! My husband’s family will not let me make anything but these for holiday get-togethers.
-Not sure if it’s the brand of flour I used, but…I made these by hand and probably ended up using 10 cups of flour! Before I could even get it out of the bowl, I had over 8 cups and ended up kneading in at least 2 cups more! End result, though, was great! My husband loves them (me too!)
-Beth, thank you so much for your timely reply. However, for the sake of clarity and especially for the sake of those new to breadmaking, I would just like to be perfectly clear on the amount of yeast in 2 packets of yeast. On the back of a packet of yeast, it states that one packet equals 2 and 1/4 teaspoons of yeast. Two packets would equal 4 and 1/2 teaspoons of yeast. That is the amount of loose, unpackaged yeast that your recipe calls for. Since I currently only use unpackaged yeast, I was concerned when the recipe said 2 tablespoons of yeast. That is a lot of yeast, and could produce a somewhat bitter roll. In your reply to me, you said that it “should be 4 tsp./1 T”. However, as I mentioned above, that is not the loose yeast equivalent of 2 packets of yeast. I am not trying to give you a hard time. I have just learned through experience that using the right of amount of yeast can be very important to the outcome of a recipe. I am also surprised that the Test Kitchen did not make note of this before the recipe was released. Take care.

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