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6 Dryer Sheet Tricks; The Secret to Effortless Cleaning

2. Eliminate Unpleasant Odors

Dryer sheets can help neutralize and mask unpleasant odors.

Placing a folded dryer sheet inside a toilet paper roll


Place a dryer sheet in a toilet paper roll to keep your bathroom smelling fresh. The scent will fill your bathroom every time someone pulls off a piece of paper.

Placing a dryer sheets in a drawer


To give your clothes a sweet aroma, place a dryer sheet in your drawers. It will smell like fresh laundry every time you pull an item out.

Storing luggage with a dryer sheet inside


Prevent that musty smell when storing your luggage by placing a dryer sheet inside the suitcases.

Placing a dryer sheet inside sneaker


Eliminate odor by placing half a dryer sheet in your shoes overnight. The conditioning sheet will absorb the stench and impart a more pleasant smell.

Tossing a dryer sheet into a trash can

Trash cans

Dryer sheets make a great garbage can deodorizer. Go ahead and toss one in your trash can to leave it smelling nice and fresh.



3. Dusting Hacks

Dusting with dryer sheets is excellent for electronic devices and other surfaces in your home. Their static absorbing qualities pulls dust away from the surface of the object and onto the sheet.

Dusting a TV with a dryer sheet

Computers and Tv’s

Wipe a dryer sheet across the surface of your computers and TVs. It will clean off the dust without leaving streaks or scratches.

Tucking dryer sheets into a Swiffer mop head


You can also attach a dryer sheet to a dollar store Swiffer mop head and easily sweep up the dust and debris from your floor.

Dusting shelves with a dryer sheet


Keep your shelves squeaky clean by using a dryer sheet to trap the dust that settles.

Dusting blinds with a dryer sheet


Easily remove the dust from your blinds by simply swiping a dryer sheet over them.



4. Cleaning Solutions

Now, let’s use dryer sheets to clean grease and grime.

Soaking a dryer sheet inside a dirty pot with soapy water


Dryer sheets can be used to clean gunky and messy pots. Fill the pot with water, add some Dawn dishwashing liquid and a dryer sheet (two if the stuck-on residue is particularly bad), and let it soak for 30 minutes. Then take the soaked sheet and use it to scrub the inside and even the outside of the pot. After a good rinse, your pot should be sparkling clean.



The chemicals in the dryer sheet will help loosen the grime and the sheet’s rough surface will help you scrub it away easily.

Cleaning a faucet and sink with a dryer sheet

Sinks and faucets

Clean your sinks and faucets with damp dryer sheets to remove dirt and polish them up. You’ll be amazed at how it will release any soap residue and other gunk that is just sitting in your sink.

Cleaning glass shower doors with a dryer sheet

Shower doors

You can use dryer sheets to clean shower doors. Dampen a sheet and rub it against the shower doors. The ingredients that are on the sheet will break away the soap scum. Go ahead and rinse it off to reveal crystal-clear glass.



5. Sharpen Blades

Sharpening scissors with a dryer sheet

Use a dryer sheet to sharpen your scissors when they are dirty and blunt. Rub the sheet against the blades to sharpen them up and remove any dirt.



6. Eliminate Static Cling

Pouring a dryer sheet and water mixture through a funnel into a spray bottle

Fill a container with water, add a lavender dryer sheet, and let it sit for a good 30 minutes at a minimum. The longer you let it soak, the better. All of the chemicals will soak into the water. Decant the mixture into a spray bottle.

Spraying antistatic mixture onto clothes

Use this whenever you have something stuck to you, simply spray the mixture on the area, and it releases that static electricity.




More Cleaning Hacks

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Dryer sheet cleaning hack ideas

Dryer sheets are excellent household items that can be used in many different ways. Whether you want to freshen up your furniture, eliminate odors, dust your home, or clean gunky pots, dryer sheets can be a handy tool to have.



So, next time you use a dryer sheet, consider all the other ways you can reuse it to make your home cleaner and more comfortable. Please share any dryer sheet cleaning hacks you have in the comments below.