Spring is here! Days of sunshine and budding flowers are exactly what we need after months of cold weather and snow. There’s something about the Spring weather that makes us want to slug off all the old and employ deep cleaning hacks to refresh our entire home. Yup, there’s a name for it: Spring Cleaning.

37 Time-Saving Tips and Tricks to Deep Clean Your Whole House

If the thought of deep cleaning your home is sending you into a mini panic attack, hold on a minute. It’s not as scary as it sounds, I promise! You don’t have to scrub every surface by hand with a tiny toothbrush—in fact, deep cleaning can actually be fun and very satisfying, believe it or not.

Pump up some music, delegate out tasks to the family then open the windows and take it room by room with these deep cleaning hacks. These quick cleaning hacks will not only bring some serious cleaning power to your life—they will do it in a fraction of the time you expect! Ready for some time-saving tips and tricks to deep clean your whole house? Let’s do this thing!

How to Deep Clean Your Kitchen

Let’s start in the heart of the home—the kitchen. There are fewer places that get as much traffic as your kitchen, which makes it the perfect place to employ some deep cleaning hacks.

  1. Take control of your fridge and freezer. Take everything out of your fridge and wipe down the shelves and drawers. Then, wipe down individual bottles of condiments you choose to keep while tossing the ones that are expired. Group together like items in fridge bins like these to keep your fridge organized—now do the same with your freezer!
  2. Scrub cabinets with this DIY that deep cleans grease and grime off cabinets to make them look brand new.
  3. Clean your dishwasher using vinegar and baking soda. This is one of my favorite deep cleaning hacks—it really works!
  4. Deep clean your oven the easy way! Rather than using harsh chemicals or running the self-cleaning feature which can generally stink up your entire house, use this simple method to clean the oven instead.
  5. Clean small appliances with this unintimidating checklist.
  6. Organize under the kitchen sink by pulling everything out from inside and throwing away expired or broken items. Keep everything nice and organized by pooling all yourcleaning supplies in a caddy.
  7. Deep clean your vent hood. Let’s be honest. When’s the last time you deep cleaned your range filter? Yeah, same here. This is the easy way to deep clean it.
  8. Organize your pantry by zones. It’s a smart way to find things that will save you time every day, and this way of organizing isn’t too hard.
  9. Make your pans sparkle by giving them a good deep cleaning with a lemon! This works for baking pans and cutting boards too.
  10. Get your sink and disposal squeaky clean with this brilliant DIY cleaning strategy!

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