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3 Minute Homemade Ranch Dressing

Welcome to my 3 minute homemade ranch dressing recipe.

I don’t know about you but I love my sauces. They complete a meal and they make a salad actually taste good. As let’s face it nobody wants to eat a salad without any liquid on it. I doubt even people on the 5:2 diet would do that!

But sauces = calories, processed food, chemicals, unnatural and other similar words come to mind when I think about sauces.

And that is exactly why I like to make my own. I know what has gone into it and I know how good it tastes.

But going back to the calories I remember one newspaper article being the start of my campaign against all these sauces. It was about American diners from the prospective of a British tourist visiting all these different places.

It showed how many calories was in certain dishes and how there was often as many calories in their salads as there was in the actual burgers. And how many places started their meal with an all you can eat salad. The salad came with ranch dressing and you could have as much as you wanted of it.

It also showed how many different unhealthy elements went into the ranch dressing and it put me off salads on holiday for a long time.

Source : https://recipethis.com/3-minute-homemade-paleo-ranch-dressing-recipe/

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