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21-Day Run/Walk Program for Fat Loss

Burn Baby BURN! That’s what this workout has in store for you, my friend. But fear not -you don’t have to run miles and miles to see results. In the SkinnyMs. world, a little bit goes a long way, and we do our best to make sure that’s true for you too. In this simple beginner walk to run program, you can run/walk your way to surprising fat and weight loss results. Sometimes the route to success is not the hardest, but the smartest.

21-Day Run/Walk Program

Follow our simple beginner running program guide below and you’ll be on your way to joining the walk/run fat loss sensation. Why is it sensational? Because it’s doable! That’s right ladies, it’s made for human beings, just like you and us. It’s not made for super athletes and people who run miles every day like it’s a cakewalk. The SkinnyMs. run/walk program method lets you eat the cake (ok, within moderation!) and then walk it off (with just a smidge of a jog in there to brag to your friends about). 😉 SkinnyMs. is our name and fat loss is our game! Come on in, the waistline’s great.

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