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15 reasons to keep your kitchen stocked with a bottle of hydrogen peroxide

Many people use hydrogen peroxide for scrapes and minor cuts, but this staple item can be used in a number of ways–including being a great household cleaner. If you are tired of using expensive cleaners that don’t seem to get the job done, then this article is for you!
The next time you are looking for a quick and economical solution, head for your medicine cabinet. You may be surprised to learn what hydrogen peroxide can do for your home. According to Using Hydrogen Peroxide, it is a great alternative because it is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-mold and anti-mildew. Let’s take a look at how this miracle liquid can be used in more ways than one.

1. Wash produce

Want to make sure that your fruits and veggies are clean? Natural Living Ideas suggests spraying down your produce with hydrogen peroxide. Not only will it remove dirt, but also wax and insects.
2. Clean countertops

Countertops are a safe haven for bacteria. However, if you wipe them down with hydrogen peroxide, you’ll not have to worry! Germs and bacteria will certainly be removed.
3. Clean the fridge
You probably already know that baking soda can rid your fridge of the smelliest odors, but what about the rest of it? Oh Simply indicates that all you have to do is wipe out the interior and exterior with a bit of hydrogen peroxide to keep it clean. You don’t have to bother with any other cleaning solution!
4. Clean sponges

Are your sponges looking less than their best? Don’t throw them out! According to Natural Living Ideas, all you need to do is allow your sponges to soak in hydrogen peroxide for 30 minutes. They will come out looking like new again!
5. Clean your toilet

Looking for a great way to clean your toilet? You guessed it! Hydrogen peroxide works wonders to cleanse one of the dirtiest areas of your homes. You can dump some inside and also squirt it on the outside of the bowl as well.
6. Purify water

If you use steamer or a humidifier in your home, you may worry if the water remains sanitary and safe at all times. To put your worry at each, Oh Simply suggests adding a pint of hydrogen peroxide.
7. Carpet cleaner

Want to get rid of a pesky stain in your carpet? Hydrogen peroxide has lightening properties that can help remove even the most stubborn stain. Apply directly to the impacted area, allow it to set for a few moments, and then rinse away with water.
8. Bleach alternative

If you love the cleanliness of bleach, but don’t really want the harmful chemicals, hydrogen peroxide is a great alternative. Oh Simply indicates that you can use it as a stand-in for anything you would normally use for bleach. It’s that easy!
9. Whiten grout

Grout can be difficult to keep clean. There are a number of expensive cleaners on the market, but you don’t have to hassle yourself with those! Instead, spray a bit of hydrogen peroxide on the grout and allow it to set for 20-30 minutes. The bleaching properties will make your grout look sparkly clean!
10. Scum remover

Tire of seeing scum build-up in your shower? Natural Living Ideas indicates that all you have to do is spray a bit of hydrogen peroxide directly on the scum, let it set for 30 minutes, and viola!
11. Clean mildew

Hydrogen peroxide can even stop the growth of mildew right in it’s tracks! Apply some of the solution to areas of your home that are likely to get mildew and the problem should go away.
12. Clean glass surfaces

If your glass surfaces are looking especially dirty, use hydrogen peroxide! Natural Living Ideas says that if you spray a bit of of the solution on the glass surface and wipe away with a linen-free cloth–your surfaces will never look better!
13. Kitchen floor cleaner
Using Hydrogen Peroxide indicates that using a mixture of hot water and a cup of hydrogen peroxide works as an excellent floor cleaner.
14. Clean reusable bag

If you love reusable bags, but worry that they just aren’t clean after they are used then hydrogen peroxide is for you. Next time you go to clean them out, rinse the bag with hydrogen peroxide and you won’t have to worry about germs!
15. Disinfect lunchboxes

Worried about chemicals in your kid’s lunchbox? Don’t be. Use hydrogen peroxide because it is a safe alternative that kills germs without any harmful side effects.

Amazing! There are so many things you can clean with one inexpensive product. Share these tips with your friends!

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