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12 Hacks To Keep Your Bathroom Spotless

When it comes to cleaning, the bathroom is always the most dreaded room, hands down. With all its tight corners and crevices, the everyday moisture from showering and the heavy traffic, it’s the perfect place to build up an army of bacteria and filth.

Thankfully, we’ve got 12 awesome hacks to make cleaning even the scariest bathroom seem like a walk in the park. In addition to being crazy effective, these hacks are also insanely cheap. Better yet, you probably have everything you need right in your house!

1. Bathtub/Shower Cleaner

Want to really make that bathtub shine? Simply add 1 part Dawn Dishsoap to 1 part vinegar in a dish-wand, seal it tight and it’s ready to go. Run the water in the shower to get it lightly coated, and scrub away to your heart’s content. The mixture cuts right through the soap scum, leaving a squeaky-clean feel to your oh-so-loved shower!

2. Shower Head

Okay, this hack is even easier than the first. Can you guess the main ingredient? That’s right; vinegar! There’s a reason this powerhouse ingredient is in almost every natural cleaner. It is effective! So to get that nasty buildup off of your shower-head, immerse the head in a plastic resealable bag filled with vinegar, secure the bag with a rubber band and let it sit for around an hour.

When you remove the bag, run the shower for a minute or two, and then give it a quick wipe down. You’ll be amazed at the difference, and will never run out of vinegar again.

3. Drip-Dry Your Toilet Brush

A tip so simple, you would hardly believe it’s a hack. Yet I can’t even begin to describe how many times I went to clean my toilet right after mopping the bathroom floor. It seems like no big deal until you drip dirty old toilet water all over your fresh floor when you go to scrub! Allow the brush to drip-dry each time you use it by wedging it between the bowl and the seat.

Trust me, you’ll thank yourself later.

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