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10 Natural Ways to Treat Your Bunions at Home

Sometimes, the big toe can lean towards the rest of the toes. Over time, this leads to deformity of its base and the base pushes outward. This resulting condition is called a bunion or a hump at the base of the big toe.
This condition is brought about when the body weight falls unevenly on the tendons and joints in the feet.
Both men and women develop this condition, but women tend to be more prone to such bone deformity.According to the experts, tight, too narrow or high-heeled shoes can lead to the development of these bunions.
Additional factors that can contribute to bunion include foot deformities, foot injuries and inherited food type. Also, some types of arthritis can bring about the development of bunions. As we have said before, bunion appears at a specific part of the joint thus causing reduced flexibility of the big toe and painful walking.

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