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Vintage Children’s Desk Makeover

Adorable vintage children’s desk madeover from boring and outdated to pretty in pink.

vintage children s desk makeover

We found this gem scrolling through marketplace looking for a desk for my son’s room. We thought this might work, but when we went to pick up realized it was a little bitty piece and my son probably would have a hard time using that chair some decided to buy it anyway and give it a fresh look perfect for a little girl’s room. We started by disassembling the desk and chair, knowing it needed to be thoroughly cleaned and sanded since the finish was failing from years of use. After removing all the hardware we used a scotch brite pad with Krud Kutter to clean. After letting it dry completely we sanded it down using our favorite sander, the Surfprep. I’ve mentioned this sander so many times because it really makes the job so much easier, especially on curves.

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