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Trash to Treasure – Old Blue Chair

I have had this old blue chair in the corner of my master bedroom since JUNE. I got it for free from Facebook market, what an adventure that was! I drive a small sedan, but I knew I HAD TO HAVE THIS CHAIR! I show up to get it and it was wider than I thought, I somehow managed to fit the chair in the front seat of my car! My Mary Poppins bag of a car, she’s been through some interesting adventures! Haha! Anywho! I was a little intimidated about how rough she was to start with, really rough wood, old nails and rusty seat springs, oh my! I didn’t know where to start, so there she sat for 7 months collecting dust, and laundry, and many other objects that got thrown haphazardly across her! So! Here is the journey to restore this little gal! If you frequent furniture restoration and have suggestions on how to make things easier next time I find an old gem, please, comment below! I love hearing from you!
trash to treasure old blue chair
Here she is, all blue and rusty. The bones were good for the most part, some spots that needed a good sanding or a little wood filler but overall a solid piece, and for free?!? What! Yes please! So I gathered materials as I went because honestly, I didn’t have a clue what I would need! I ended up using:

  • 1/2” sanded plywood
  • Tin snips
  • needle nose pliers
  • hammer
  • palm sander/sandpaper
  • wood filler
  • Folk Art Chalk Paint in Nautical
  • Seat cushion foam
  • 1 yard fabric
  • staple gun
  • drill/driver with drill bits and wood screws
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