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Stationary Industrial Crane Rods

Do you like curtains? I love curtains. I feel they give my windows a softness and a finished look that compliments the decor in any given room in the house. I found the cutest curtains on sale but upon opening them, discovered they were skinny panels. Since they were on sale, they were non-returnable. When I returned to the store to buy another set, they were sold out. So instead of hanging them on a regular curtain rod, as the skinny panels won’t cover the whole window, I decided to make my own Industrial Stationary Crane Rods.
stationary industrial crane rods
Living in the PNW the sun rises early and sets late in the summers which means we like our blackout curtains and they tend to be heavy. I wanted sturdy rods but didn’t need one all the way across the window. Just two short ones on each side. I was going for an industrial look. Even though these curtains are not blackout, most of the crane rods we found to purchase were on the flimsy side. I also didn’t care for them to hinge or swing out and I wanted the option if I ever chose to purchase blackout curtains I would replace the short rods with a long rod and keep the same industrial look.
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