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Ramen Noodles To-Go


1½ teaspoon Vegetable bouillon base ((amount may vary depending on the brand. We used Better Than Bouillon))
1 Tablespoon Chili garlic sauce ((such as Sriracha sauce))
1 teaspoon Tahini
2 Tablespoons Low sodium soy sauce
½ teaspoon Grated fresh ginger
1 package Instant ramen noodles, parcooked for 1 minute in boiling water, then shocked in cold water
¼ Cup Grated carrot
2 medium Mushrooms, sliced
¼ Cup Fresh spinach, chopped
1 Hard-boiled egg
1 Green onion, sliced
1 Lime wedge
1-2 Cups Hot water
1 Wide mouth pint-sized mason jar


Into the bottom of a wide mouth pint-sized mason jar, add the vegetable bouillon base, chili garlic sauce, tahini, soy sauce, and ginger.
Add the par-cooked ramen noodles, carrots, mushrooms and spinach.
Place the hard-boiled egg, green onions and lime wedge into a small plastic resealable bag and place the bag in the jar on top of the vegetables. Cover the jar with the lid and refrigerate it until you’re ready to use it, up to 4 days.
When you’re ready to eat it, remove the plastic bag and top the noodles and vegetables with enough hot water to cover them. Put the lid back on and let the jar sit for about 5 minutes.
Remove the lid and stir to evenly mix the broth ingredients together. Top the noodle with green onions, a squeeze of lime juice and the hard-boiled egg, cut in half.

Chef Tips

You can use uncooked instant ramen noodles, but they will be slightly more al dente than if you parcook them. (Also, you’ll need to break up the raw noodles to get them to fit in the jar.)
For a gluten free option, you can also use uncooked rice noodle nests.
Wrap a kitchen towel around the jar to help insulate it while the noodles and vegetables are warming up.