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Old World Style Fall Kitchen Canisters

I knew right away what I wanted to make with my jars. I love Tuscan style and saw this as the opportunity to add something new.
old-world-style-fall-kitchen-canisters-crafts-kitchen-design (2)

started by giving the jars a coat of primer, and once it was dry, added a smooth layer of spackling compound.

old-world-style-fall-kitchen-canisters-crafts-kitchen-design (3)
Next, I created some texture by dabbing the knife over the damp compound. This really gives the jars an old world appearance – exactly what I was going for.
old-world-style-fall-kitchen-canisters-crafts-kitchen-design (4)
Once the compound was dry, I gently wiped off the peaks, then applied a coat of paint in rich fall colors. I kept it cost-effective by buying a sample canister of the three colors I chose from my very favorite paint: Home Depot’s Behr Premium Plus.
old-world-style-fall-kitchen-canisters-crafts-kitchen-design (5)

Finally, I added a 4″ poly stone fleur-de-lis to each jar to add a tuscan touch, and they were done!I absolutely love how they turned out, and now I have a little more tuscan decor to add to my collection.
NOTE: The jars for this project were provided to me, free of charge, from Jar store. See the original post for details and for links to the other fabulous projects in our challenge.


Materials I used for this project:

  • Glass Apothecary Jars   (Jar Store)
  • Zinsser Primer   (Wal-Mart)
  • Dry Dex Spacking Compound   (Wal-Mart)
  • Spacking Knife   (Wal-Mart)
  • Sponge Brush   (Wal-Mart)
  • Basic Paint Brush   (Wal-Mart)
  • Paint Samples in 3 colors   (Home Depot)
  • 3- 4″ Polystone fleurs-de-lis   (Hobby Lobby)
  • Gorilla Glue   (Wal-Mart)