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Oh My!… Italian Turkey Meatballs

I was having my brother and his new wife over for dinner not too long ago, and I was kind of at a loss of what to make for her. My brother had sent me a text message that said that she didn’t eat red meat. That didn’t even seem possible. I know that he loves a nice steak, and that’s what I had planned on doing. I wanted to make her feel comfortable though, so I wanted to make something that everyone was eating. I didn’t want her to feel like I made her a separate meal.
For some reason, the one thing that kept coming back to mind was meatballs. I knew I couldn’t do ground beef meatballs though, because red meat and all. That’s when I saw the ground turkey in the grocery store. Well, who would have thought. I never had bought it before, but I was going to this time.
After doing a quick search, I found these turkey meatballs on All Recipes. That was going to work out just perfectly. They sounded amazing, and they looked really good too. I made them up and tossed them in the crock pot while I waited for their arrival.

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