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Oh My Heavens This Chicken Parm Burger Is Amazing!

It was just my husband and I that were going to be home for the entire weekend… alone. I can’t even tell you the last time that happened. Considering we have three kids about six years apart and the oldest is 17, I would say about 17 years. It never has worked out where they were all going to be off doing something at the same time. We love our kids, but the thought of the peace and quite for the whole weekend sounded amazing. We were staying in I knew that much!
The thought crossed my mind of going out for dinner or something, but why would we want to leave when the house was empty? That just seemed silly. I love to cook, so I was going to take the time to work on some new recipes, and make some delicious foods for my husband.
These chicken parmesan burgers practically jumped off the page at me. They looked amazing when I saw them on All Recipes. I was sure to include all of the ingredients on my shopping list that week. I couldn’t wait to make them on Saturday when I had all the time I needed.

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