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Nutty Chocolate Chip Malt Cookies

I love chocolate chip cookies, and these are some of my very favorites! The secret ingredient, malt, will have people asking what went into these cookies! I love my cookies soft and chewy, and these definitely fit the bill…you decide if you’d like nuts in them or not…I like pecans.(this pic was taken w/o nuts)
-hese have become my “crack” cookies. You can’t eat just one. I have made too many times to count. I always add a half cup more flour. This cured the flat issue for me. I also use parchment paper to bake. They turn out wonderful every time. My preference is white chocolate chips. Love this recipe and given out to many people who also love it.
-Diane, I have now baked 2 batches (at different times) of this recipe. The cookies end up flat, they spread out on the sheet. The 2nd time I added a bit more flour and the cookies didn’t spread quite as bad. I love the taste of the cookies, they are absolutely delish. But I need to figure out how to keep the cookies from spreading like pancakes. Any ideas? Also, had a co-worker try the recipe and the same thing happened with her. Hope you can help cause I love the flavor of these cookies with the malted milk powder and cinnamon.

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