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Natural Skin Care Ingredients For Healthy Skin

Using natural skin care ingredients to clean, wash and care for the face reduces exposure to damaging chemicals and helps improves the beauty of one’s skin. Utilising natural oils, it helps to increase moisture in face masks with plant recipes, which effectively improve the feel and health of the skin using everyday ingredients.
In the last post, we looked at simple natural skin care remedy for better health that requires very little investment but time in skin care, this handy infographic below titled “Natural Ingredients For Face Care” takes natural skin care a step up and reveals useful natural oils and common ingredients for use to moisturize, treat, repair and soothe the skin, and fight against aging or cure issues like acne.
From baking soda, oatmeal, sugar, teat tree oil, honey, apricot juice, olive oil and more, you will discover fantastic natural skin care ingredients for a healthy and smooth skin. Combining a daily and nightly skin care routine with natural skin care and regular application of DIY face masks for your skin type, your face will be looking healthy and smooth with proper skincare!

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