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Marry Me Chicken is creamy, juicy, and full of flavor! It’s said that this chicken dinner is so good that if you make it for your partner, a marriage proposal will be his next question.

This creamy chicken is also family-friendly, and definitely a crowd-pleaser! All you need to make this wonderful dish is just a few ingredients and half an hour from your time.

One of my most popular recipes on the blog is my Instant Pot Tuscan Chicken, a recipe with so many 5-star ratings. Everyone loves chicken cooked in a cream sauce, and when it’s combined with garlic, parmesan cheese, and sundried tomatoes, honestly there’s no better combination.

Marry Me chicken is as good as the Tuscan chicken, if not better. You’d think that it’s very similar, but it tastes quite different and the textures are probably more interesting.

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