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Little Balls Of Buffalo Chicken Deliciousness!

Up to this moment, I still couldn’t figure out why chicken wings are called Buffalo when they’re not really from a buffalo. I mean obviously, they’re from a chicken. Yes, I heard the story about why it was called buffalo wings. It originated in Buffalo, New York, at a restaurant called Anchor Bar. It was all accidental. But setting aside that bit of history, calling it buffalo wings really doesn’t make any sense, does it? Every time I have such thoughts, I go and ask my niece. She has the most wonderful imagination and usually, her answers satisfy me.

I showed her the picture of buffalo and the chicken wings, which I Googled right in front of her. I asked her what does she think it’s called buffalo wings when it came from chickens? Her answer was this (nonverbatim):

“When people try to catch the Buffalo to make it into food, it grows wings to escape. That’s the reason why the chicken wings are bent.” It still didn’t make any sense, but I still felt better. So I just made her these buffalo chicken meatballs to temporarily end both of our confusion.

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