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Lettuce Wrap Summer Rolls

Lettuce wrap summer rolls are the perfect combination of my two favorite summer recipes! They’re everything you love about your favorite restaurant’s lettuce wraps – fresh and flavorful – with all the convenience of a handheld summer roll! These are sure to be a favorite!

Fresh, easy, and delicious – these rolls are inspired by two of my favorite Summertime recipes – lettuce wraps and summer rolls (if their name didn’t already give that away ????).

Every single time I make these lettuce wrap summer rolls for a get-together or party, I always make a double batch because I’m certain they’ll be one of the first appetizers to go. Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian or a staunch meat-eater, I can guarantee these lettuce wrap summer will be one of your new favorite summertime recipes!

Grab a drink and let’s get to rolling, shall we?!

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