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Kentucky Butter Crunchy Cake

This Kentucky Butter Crunch Cake recipe is another fantastic dessert recipe for a butter cake. This cake recipe always tastes better the next day as the butter in the cake makes the texture moister when it sits overnight. The texture of this cake recipe is dense almost like a pound cake. The best part about this butter cake recipe apart from its buttery taste is the cream cheese glaze that soaks right into the cake to make it even moister and then topped with some crunchy nuts and toasted coconut that is slightly browned until golden. Butter cake recipes are the most practical and easiest of all cake recipes because it uses all the readily available ingredients straight from your pantry. This recipe is very easy to make and uses the creaming method of mixing butter and sugar together. Always remember to let the sugar completely dissolve in the butter when mixing. The best way to do this is to set your cake mixer at high speed and beat it until light and fluffy. This cake also goes well as a side with a cup of hot coffee.

This butter cake recipe needs to be cooled before you transfer it onto the cooling rack because it can be very soft and fall apart if taken out of the pan too soon. Baking cakes is easy if you practice a few simple cooking tips like using the room temperature butter and cream cheese, and using quality ingredients to achieve the most velvety and soft cakes. Not only do quality ingredients matter but also bring out the richest flavor that a good cake recipe should have. If you follow these simple tips, then baking cakes is not all that complicated, especially when you have great cake recipes like this handy.

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