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I’ve Been Framed!!

The Sweet Spots

You can see the brown paint dots… where I would have to hollow out the trim… to make it flush with the mirror.

Use Box Cutter

…to cut a rectangle around each brown spot

Starting to Chip

I used a hammer and 1/4″ chisel.

“Well Chiseled”

I chiseled out an area that would accommodate the mirror clip(s)

The Back of Trim

…hollowed out — and ready for mounting



FYI: you DO have to paint the back of the trim… It’s for a MIRROR!!

Liquid Nails!

I used only one tube for the entire four sides of the mirror.


The Liquid Nails needed to dry for 4-6 hours. I used blue tape to secure to mirror.

All Four Sides!

(then I went to bed)



…green tape too! 😉

Imperfect Miter

OK… I am not hiding anything! My miter was not perfect. …and I needed to sand down a glop of paint on edge… then fill the seam with some caulk (or wood filler.) Repaint area if necessary. (It was!) icon


I also caulked between the inside frame edge and mirror… just to smooth things out. …then, once dry, I (later) used a razor blade to give a clean line of caulk.


Mission accomplished!



Link to the rest of the bathroom re-do:





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