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How to Make an Easy Grid Mirror

Trim – the type of trim depends on the mirror’s existing frame. My mirror’s frame is about an inch wide, a quarter inch thick, and has some textural elements. So I purchased some trim that had a similar size and look to it.



First, measure the length of the actual surface of the mirror. It measures 47 and a quarter inches long. I’m wanting four grids on each mirror so I’m dividing 47.25 by 4. This equals 11 and 13/16ths inches.

So starting at the top, measure down 11 and 13/16s and mark with the marker. From there, measure down another 11 and 13/16ths, mark, and measure down a final 11 and 13/16ths and mark.

Measure across the surface of the mirror for the length of the trim. My mirror is 11 1/4s inches wide.

Cut the trim with the miter saw to the mirror’s width. Each mirror will need three pieces of trim total to make the grids.

Lightly sand the cut ends of the trim with the sanding block.

Spray paint the trim over a drop cloth.



Once the paint has fully dried, glue the trim over the marks on the mirror. Ensure the marks sit dead center underneath the trim.

One down, three more to go!

After the glue has dried, the mirrors can be either propped up next to each other…

Or mounted on the wall.

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