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Now deep clean! You’re going to want to scrub under the toilet rim and clean out the siphons. Those are simply the holes in your toilet and are the KEY to keeping your toilet clean and what we’re going to work on today. Then dry underneath the rim, because next up we’re going to duct tape them closed.

Now that your rim and siphons are clean and dry, tape them off with duct tape. Cover each siphon with duct tape around the rim and make sure they’re secure.

Now pour vinegar into the toilet tank and flush the toilet! This allows the vinegar to run into the siphons and the duct tape will keep it there!

Then let the vinegar sit in the rim and siphons overnight. The next morning you can remove the duct tape, turn the water back on an flush the toilet a couple of times to get everything back to usual. And you’re done! Now you’ve deep cleaned the siphons, which will help you keep your toilet clean in the long term!