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How to Get the Concrete Countertop Look For Less

…And without removing your current countertops!

I always wanted concrete countertops, but what I didn’t want was to have to pour them myself.

That requires quite a bit of work. Usually, you have to build a custom mold, take lots of steps to ensure your concrete cures correctly, and spend a decent amount of money and time in the process.

Not to mention poured countertops are heavy and could cause damage if your floors or cabinets aren’t properly supported.

I wanted to skip most of those steps but still figure out a way to get the look!

So I dug into some options and realized that you could actually coat your current countertops in concrete.


My laundry room countertops were a thick, dated laminate. I wanted to replace them so badly. But a stone counter would have cost us way too much, and poured concrete counters would have been such a hassle.

This option was perfect – inexpensive and just a few days from start to finish.

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