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How to Clean the Toilet Ledge

  • how to clean the toilet ledge, bathroom ideas, cleaning tips
A quick clean!Using the screw driver and a disinfectant wipe helps you get under the tan of the toilet!
  • how to clean the toilet ledge, bathroom ideas, cleaning tips
Reattach the toilet seat! Stand back and enjoy it while it lasts!

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  • I have boys and have a “huge” problem with this issue. I clean by spraying the entire seat and ledge with a good cleaner. After allowing few minutes to allow cleaner to work, use a empty dish detergent filled with water to spray with clean water. I always have a towel to catch most of the water. I have also found that a white folded washcloth behind the seat works to catch a lot of the sprays and can be thr.own in with the laundry


  • I agree with Anna! We purchased new toilets and they came with the seats that pop off, but for our 1/2 bath we just purchased a new toilet seat that comes off. I remove them every time I clean the bathroom and it has cut down on the smell.


  • I have a toilet seat that looks like the one in your pictures, but all I have to do is move the top of the screw knob to the left and I can lift the whole seat up. No unscrewing necessary. This seat comes in wood and plastic.