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How To Clean an Iron

I decided just to give in and consider the rest of this week, household tips/ nesting week.  Like you needed further proof, but housewife is not a title I will ever wear with any degree of success.  Yes… I can craft.  Yes… I LOVE a project.  But NO… brisket in the oven, cocktail mixed, and clothes neatly ironed are rarely anything that crosses my flea market riddled mind.  As further proof to this, ever since I fixed up a bureau, my iron has been my #1 tool for wood veneer removal.  Which also means that my iron looks like this:

Cleaning a filthy iron takes a few ingredients and a few minutes… what a transformation.

Clean a Filthy Iron with Two Simple Supplies

Don’t go thinking crazy thoughts like I’m actually planning to use the iron for mitigating the wrinkles in clothing because I’m not.  But I was curious how to address the situation.  A spin through the world wide web and the solution was silly simple.

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