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Holy Guacamole! This Cornbread Salad Is Amazing!

My sister was the one that was always the whiz in the kitchen. Even when we were growing up, she would help Mom out just about every single day when it was time to cook. She loved it. Me on the other hand, I would have much rather been playing sports or hanging out with my friends. I had absolutely no interest in learning how to cook anything. I was a little jealous about the bonding time that her and Mom got, but we did other things besides cook.

After growing up and moving out on my own, it was then that I realized that I should have paid at least some attention to what they were doing. That couldn’t have been more true than when I was invited to my first Fourth of July potluck BBQ. I wanted to go so bad, but I had no idea what I was going to take. I had to go to the sister.

She just laughed at me and drug me into her kitchen. She showed me how to make this incredibly beautiful cornbread salad that she had seen on Group Recipes. She kept the one we made together for her own party, but I went home and whipped together an identical one without any issues. It was a huge hit!

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