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Domestic Goddess Cake

A rich concoction of my own creation. This lovely dessert combines two of my favorite flavors- Butter Pecan and Banana Foster. If you are a “Domestic Goddess” (like me) you are a little bit “bananas”, your family is “nuts” and like I always say “It never hurts to butter up the Goddess!” Since I am the only one in my house that likes nuts, I make the adding of the pecans to the side optional but I certainly love it that way! This is best served immediately but should be refrigerated if not eaten right away– but I don’t think that will be a problem! So prop your fuzzy slippered Goddess feet up and enjoy with a cup of coffee or a big glass of milk!
-Ok, a lot of things to address here, first, yes people have made this cake. Scroll back through the messages. Second, as I have written in the notes this is all my favorite things, if there is something about my recipe that isn’t to your liking you are free to substitute your favorites or try something else…that’s the beauty of baking. Third, Fern you are welcome! I know how frustrating that is and I try to make the directions for all my recipes as clear as possible so even my kids could follow. After all, these will be handed down to them like my mother did hers. Fourth, thank you for those of you who spread kindness. Words can hurt, intentional or not, and I appreciate those that prefer to be a positive influence. You never know what someone is struggling with and kind words, from stranger or friend, can lighten someone’s burden and brighten their day. Thanks for your continued kindness. I hope you all enjoy this cake as much as we do.

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