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Dining Table Makeover

if you are a wood dining table lover, this project is definitely the one you are looking for. When i first moved in my new house, i immediately pictured a beautiful oak dining table in my ding room. When I stated searching on line and in the stores for a 6 or 8 chairs dining table, i was shocked by the high cost they are. I started hunting on facebook market palace. Then, bingo i. Found the one I fell in love with it. I’ve got it for 90 dollars, what a wonderful price for a dusted piece of jewelry. I couldn’t wait when I could start to work on it. After i finished working on the table, it was just looking as fancy as a table priced at 1000$. I was so proud of it. And i sent pictures to the previous owner as she asked me to do. She was very moved by the result and all the love we gave to that table.

dining table makeover
BeforeThis is the Pedestal table I’ve got for 90$ second hand. I loved the legs but The top was very scratched. I didn’t liked the Dark cherry color Also.

Pedestal legsthis pedestal legs have very pretty Curves, but I was very skeptical to sand it. It’s required lots of time and energy. But can you imagine hw beautiful they will be refinished.

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