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Diane’s Almond Joy Cake

This one came from needing a cake for church pot luck. Having left over nuts and coconut in the freezer. And I love Chocolate and coconut together. We all loved it. I hope you do too. Now I need to figure out how to change the date on my camera. Looks like I’m still operating in 2008.. LOL
-I absolutely LOVE this recipe! I have made it numerous times, but switched it to cupcakes instead. I was having trouble with the top staying on with the almonds and coconut in the middle, so I just dip the tops of the cupcakes into a bowl of toasted coconut and almonds. Everyone I have made this for LOVES it. Great recipe. It is truly one of my favorites! Thank you so much for sharing it!
-thank you oh thank you…..i wanted to make a cake like this for my b-day but wasn’t sure of how it would turn out….i see that you have done it…can’t wait to try it out…..all the other recipes (for almond joy type cakes) use a chocolate cake, don’t like chocolate cake, thought a coconut cake would work better!!
-mmm just had a slice of this wonderful cake!!! So good just like the candy bar!! We do not have the coconut cake mix in our city and i did not want to spend the outragous amount to get it on line…so i added 3 tsp coconut extract , handful of coconut, and a pack of coconut pudding. It was the “cook” variety because our store didnt have the instant. The frosting was the best ever and sliced almonds and coconut flakes were great. NO wonder you won the blue ribbon! congrats

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