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Death By Chocolate Bundt Style

You would not believe that this incredible chocolate bundt cake recipe is made from a cake mix! It is so moist it’s ridiculous. The ganache topping just puts it over the top. Don’t even think about eating this without a glass of milk – it’s death by chocolate cake!

Death by chocolate cake

After I finished making and photographing this cake, I asked Charlotte if she wanted a bite. She said yes, so I gave her a forkful.

“What do you think of the cake?”
She paused, chewing thoughtfully and said, “Huh. Gooder than I thought it would be.”
(Insert comically raised eyebrows)
“Well what did you think it was going to be??”
“Good, but just a little, um, not THAT good.”

How to make chocolate bundt cake

Enough sap. Let’s talk cake! This one is another gem of a recipe from my dear Aunt Shirley, my mom’s sister. She’s an amazing baker and has quite the dessert reputation in our family.

(My sister Nikki, who does not love being in the kitchen, said to me once as I was making cookies, “Karen! Oh my gosh! You’re like the Aunt Shirley of our generation!” Because her kids know me as the Bringer of Dessert. Little do they know that it’s all recycled work from MY aunt. NIKKI DON’T SHOW THEM THIS POST.)

I had a couple friends over the day I made this cake, and they both couldn’t believe it was a doctored cake mix. I can’t even believe this is a doctored cake mix. It is just so rich and chocolate-y. The sour cream and oil make it super moist. And of course drizzling the whole thing in ganache doesn’t hurt either. Because honestly there’s nothing less satisfying than a bite of dry, dense cake, amiright?

One last thing: since it’s my blog-baby’s 5th birthday and all, if you would like to give a gift, I would love a comment telling me what your favorite recipe is from the blog, or the one you make most often for your family. Or just a favorite post or story. What I do wouldn’t be possible, of course, without you lovely readers, and I’m so glad you’re here. Thanks so much for reading and laughing and cooking with me!

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