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Crock Pot Chicken Burrito Bowls

One of the perks of living in the south…well other than the weather…is that I have a farmer’s market readily available to me at all times. I love farmers markets! Cheap and fresh veggies! My favorite one to go to is only open on Sundays. I love this one! It’s so much fun to go to. They don’t just have wonderful veggies, but people sell there other goods there too.

I love going to this farmers market because I always feel so inspired to make different meals that include fresh veggies. My kids may not be too impressed or appreciate fresh vegetables, but I love them! I love how vibrant the colors are and how pungent the taste and smell is. I absolutely love this time on Sundays. Let me tell you about my latest inspiration.

I was looking at all of the vegetables and felt inspired to make a fresh veggie and chicken burrito bowl. I found the perfect recipe that I could cook in my crock pot. This turned out so wonderful that I have made this more than a few times. My kids absolutely loved this meal and so did I! My husband took the leftovers to work the next day and said it was just as good.

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