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Creamy Pesto Snack Wraps

For me, a good pesto is one of the best things in the world. It’s bright and flavorful. It adds perfection to everything it touches. Have you ever added pesto your marinara? It’s AMAZING! I have my SO to thank for that one. He was like, “Why don’t you combine them?” I sort of turned up my nose, but I did it anyway, and MAN! That was AMAZING!

On the next page, you’ll find an amazing recipe for some Creamy Pesto Snack Wraps. Oh, yes. You heard me correctly. I think they’re also called pinwheels. Either way they look great! View it on the next page.
Kristi says that she makes these Creamy Pesto Snack Wraps the night before serving, covers them, and puts them in the fridge. Right before leaving for the event, or before people start showing up, she slices them. So this will work as a prepare ahead. I know that will make it way easier for some of those gatherings!

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