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Crab Crunchies

Air fryer Crab Bites are a quick and easy way to enjoy the flavor of crab without the added fat and calories of deep frying. They make a great appetizer for parties and get-togethers, or they can also be served as a snack or light meal. Experiment with different seasonings and dipping sauces to find your favorite combination.

These Air Fryer Crab Bites are the simplest way to get seafood into your belly for all you fans of crab out there! In less than half an hour, you’ll have a tasty crab snack made right in your air fryer.

You know that old joke … ”I like seafood. I see food, and I eat it”?! These air fryer crab bites definitely represent that joke well. You’ll see them and scarf them right up without a second thought!

What makes them even better is that they’re fried in butter and cajun seasoning, and they’re ready so, SO quick … like, less than a half hour quick. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

But don’t worry about the cost! You can use imitation crab legs for these. In fact, unless you’re a huge seafood stickler, I recommend using the imitation stuff. When it goes through the air fryer, it tastes just as good and about the same as “real” crab. Plus, it’s lighter on your wallet.

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