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Coat Hanging Made Beautiful AND Fun, Thanks to a Few Old Boards!

Our entry is on the bottom floor of our house, with the main living upstairs.
Trouble was, whenever we’d walk in the door toting in bags of groceries and such, it was too much work to set the bags down, then remove our coats.
So, we’d thump all the way up the stairs with bags in hand, plop the bags on the counter, then throw coats across the sofa.
My cats LOVED the extra padding for afternoon snoozes! But I did not. Sorry guys.
We needed a fix for those tossed salad kinda coats… and thanks to a few old boards and some cool stencils, this certainly did the trick…
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A sofa coat salad vs some cool wall art that hangs stuff… no contest, is there?I ADORE looking down my hallway now! And at the sofa… now that I can see the thing…
This hallway resides close to the sofa. But with no where to hang coats, my eye went to the wall on the right. Blank space, I have a special job for you.The walls were painted white, and the trim was removed and replaced with farmhouse style.
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