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chocolate sheet cakes

This fluffy, moist, and RICH chocolate sheet cake piled high with fudgey chocolate buttercream is beyond easy to make but it will become a favorite!

My easy chocolate sheet cake is basically perfect. So fluffy and FULL of chocolate flavor, without being oily and sad like so many store bought cakes. A nice dollop of fudge transforms this buttercream into something almost magical but if you don’t have any handy try adding in some ganache!

For the Buttercream: You can either make a simple ganache by melting chocolate and cream, or you can use a nice runny fudge. In the recipe video I used fudge but have heard from many of you that finding the right type of fudge can be a bit tricky so if in doubt just make a ganache!

Buttermilk: I love using buttermilk in cakes but it’s not something you always have on hand so feel free to either use some buttermilk powder OR sour some milk with lemon juice or white vinegar. About a tablespoon or either mixed into a cup or milk will do the trick.

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