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Chocolate Chess Pie

– Love this pie. Always comes out delicious. Make sure the eggs and canned milk are room temperature. If you can make your crust from scratch it holds up better than a store bought one.
– I just made this last night for a friend who was just diagnosed with breast cancer. I thought she needed something sweet in her life. I had never made it before, but it looked great. I can’t wait to see how she liked it. Thanks for posting the recipe.
– So I just have to update everyone…I didn’t win the contest. 🙁 I came in second, which is still pretty good considering how many folks were there. Turns out the judges’ favorite was apple pie, so that is what took first. My prize? A store bought chocolate pie! LOL! Anywho…the vegan one I made still tasted fabulous, we just had to eat it cold so it was a little more solid. It was almost like undercooked fudge.

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