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Cajun Chicken Wings

Easy Cajun Baked Chicken Wings Recipe – delicious juicy, crispy chicken wings in a spicy cajun rub that are always a hit at any party!

Spicy, salty, crunchy chicken wings are one of my all time favorite things to eat – especially at a party.

While making wings can take a ton of time and patience – these crunchy baked chicken wings have the crunchy texture of deep fried, battered wings – but straight from the oven, with NO breading!

These crunchy baked cajun chicken wings use your oven to get a perfect crunchy texture – and are naturally low carb, perfect if you’re looking for a keto chicken wing recipe.

These baked cajun chicken wings are so addictive, I always not doubling the batch – my husband and I could eat them all! They are always the first thing gone at a party, and always a huge hit!

I hope you love these crunchy baked cajun chicken wings as much as I do.

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