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Blue Ribbon Chocolate Cake

Years ago …. 1978 to be exact a girl I worked with brought this in as a treat. We loved it! She shared her aunts recipe and over the years this is the recipe I’d grab when I baked a chocolate cake. In 1997 I entered the cake in the County Fair and was given the Blue Ribbon. My kids then called it “Blue Ribbon Chocolate Cake”. I have taken this cake to many picnics, church suppers, potlucks and just because. I always go home with an empty pan! I use this cake recipe in my cast iron lamb cake molds at easter. I frosted this cake with Yummy Vanilla Buttercream Frosting by Sherry Symmonds and it complimented this cake perfectly.
-This recipe is straight out of the Hershey’s Chocolate Treasury Cookbook. It is called Black Magic Cake. I have used it several times, however I add about a half a cup of mayonnaise to it, which makes it even more moist. I have used it to make many a wedding cake.
-I just finished reading all 6 pages of comments on this recipe. At least two people have said that this is the same recipe as Black Magic Cake except for the frosting. Well, I have made the Black Magic Cake (another Blue Ribbon winner on JAP) and it is delicious so I know that this cake will be too. I will try it with this frosting recipe next time.
Congrats on winning a Blue Ribbon for this recipe, Mary Louise.
Pinching and Printing next.
So glad that you added the frosting recipe in with your cake recipe so I don’t have to “look it up”

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