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Baked Potatoes Served Cold In This Salad Is Amazing!

My son has a spring birthday, so what we usually do is have his birthday party in combination with the kick-off to summer. We are nine out of ten times having a BBQ with outdoor games. Each year I always struggle with what to make. Sometimes we will go simple with burgers and hot dogs, other years we have done steaks and chicken. Kind of depends what’s on sale and how many people are coming over.
No matter what the main entree is, I always make up a bunch of salads and side dishes. When I found this recipe for baked potato salad on All Recipes, I was so excited to add it to the menu. We were expecting a pretty big crowd that year and I loved the ideas of potatoes filling people up.
I made a huge batch of it and it went over really well. I had tons of questions and compliments on it. There were a few leftovers and I hid them in the fridge for when everyone left and cleanup was done. It was a nice little treat to wrap up the busy day.

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