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Bacon Cheese Puffs

Cheesy Bacon Puffs are a homemade appetizer or breakfast stuffed full if cheese, bacon and seasonings. Perfect for dipping!


Sometimes recipes just don’t work out for everyone. Despite my best efforts to share only recipes that my family loves, not everyone else loves them. It’s just how it goes. We all don’t have the same tastebuds, so it stands to reckon that you all won’t love some of this stuff as much as I do.

Such was the case with a recent recipe I shared for PEPPERONI PIZZA PUFFS. My family really likes them. My friend’s family, on the other hand, were not exactly clamoring over each other for seconds. In fact, they were spitting them out. Huh? What happened? Was that the same recipe I shared? Yes indeed, it was, and they were not digging it – at all.

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