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All-natural Hardwood Floor Cleaner

In my apartment we have hard wood floors through most of our place. During the spring time I could NOT keep my floors clean. Every single time Scout (our pup) came in he would dirty the floors with muddy paw prints! I had purchased a hardwood floor cleaner but it would not clean up these paw prints. It would leave our floor shiny but not clean. Needless to say I was definitely on the look out for a All-natural Hardwood Floor Cleaner.

About a month and a half ago I was speaking to a housekeeper at the doctors office and I brought up how unhappy I was with all the different hardwood floor cleaners (or should I say shiners). She mentioned how with all of the houses she cleans she uses Apple Cider Vinegar and Dawn dish soap to mop the hardwood floors. I was a little skeptical because it seemed way to simple to me. In a desperate attempt to have my floors clean I went straight to the nearest grocery store and bought Apple Cider Vinegar. I went home and tried the concoction out.



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