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Add Color to Your Laundry Room for a Quick and Easy Makeover

My laundry room is functional but not very pretty so I’ve decided to make a few changes and give it a bit of an updated look. The first thing to tackle is the cabinets because I knew they would make a big change that I could enjoy while I’m working on the rest of the room.

add color to your laundry room for a quick and easy makeover

When we bought the house 3 years ago it came with a washer/dryer (which makes it hard to justify buying a new set) and it had cabinets above the w/d which is great for hiding ugly storage. My only issue with the cabinets is that I thought they were ugly too. Flat doors made from melamine with round white knobs. What you can’t see are all the swirly scratch marks where some previous owner or renter scrubbed them with a wire brush! YUCK!

I considered removing the cabinets and putting in open shelving, but I decided I like hiding my ugly storage and the better option would be to paint the ugly cabinets.

Once I made the decision to paint the cabinets I knew I needed to dress them up a bit because they are just too flat and boring.

So I decided to add some molding on the front of them and I’ll tell you how I did that.


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