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8 powerful ways to clean dirty grout naturally

3. Fight mold with hydrogen peroxide
If you have a mold problem in your grout, say in the bathroom, this is the solution you’re looking for. Wellness Mama says you should take 1 part Hydrogen Peroxide (3%) and 1 part water and combine it in a spray bottle. Spray over the grout and let it sit for about 45 minutes to an hour. After that rinse it and reveal clean grout.
4. Salt
Natural Living Ideas explains that salt has antibacterial properties, so it’s great for disinfecting, cleaning and scrubbing that stubbornly dark grout. In fact, the salt will literally suck the water out of the mold and kill it all together. Simply rub it into the grout with a damp cloth, let it sit overnight and then next day it will reveal a cleaner grout.
Pro tip: use a course salt, like Epsom salt
5. Citric acid
You’re probably already aware that citric acid helps lighten things — like when it’s used in beauty products to help fade dark spots. Well, Natural Living Ideas says you can use it for your dirty grout, too. The acid will kill off any mold and mildew, but if you really want to get a clean look mix it wth some baking soda when you rub it in.
6. Borax
Borax works similar to baking soda in the sense that it cleans, disinfects and deodorizes. So, use some of this natural mineral product like you would baking soda — rubbing it into the grout with a damp cloth — to make it look good as new.
7. Steam clean 
Now, steam cleaning won’t lighten your dirty grout, but it will disinfect it and loosen any dirt that has gotten trapped. This is a great all natural solution that will help get rid of germs and mold and make it easier to use any of the lightening or cleaning solutions above.
8. Liquid Castille soap
This all-natural soap is made from plants, so no harsh chemicals here. Use the liquid version mixed with water and baking soda to disinfect and lighten up your grout. This is a great all-purpose investment you can use to clean many parts of your home.