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3 Tricks to Avoiding Roller Marks

It can be so disappointing when you repaint furniture only to have roller marks all over it.  It is every crafter nightmare to have people see your freshly painted project, and know clearly that it was DIY project because of the brush strokes and roller marks.

Once you have roller marks, you have to go back to square one and start sanding them down, just to repaint them, and cross your fingers it doesn’t happen again- right?  WRONG!  There is this amazing tricks that professional painters use all the time.

#3 tip on what you can do to reduce or get rid of all roller marks when painting furniture:



Floetrol is your new best friend. This bottle of paint conditioner will cost you about $10 and last you about 10 years. You add just a few tablespoons to a gallon of paint. This conditioners make the paint dry slower…that is right, slower. The faster paint dries the more stroke marks. The paint hasn’t had time to let gravity do it’s job and smooth out the wrinkles. This conditioner allows the paint to dry slower (we are talking like 15 minutes, don’t freak out), allowing more time for the paint to settle into a flat surface. Floetrol also adds a smoother in the paint that helps reduce brush strokes too.

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